Sponsorship is an act of love for God, for the participants in the Walk to Emmaus, for the Emmaus Community, and for the church.  It is a demonstration of agape love.  A sponsor will:

*     Pray for the participant's openness to God's call to discipleship.

*     Make an appointment with the participant (or participating couple) to discuss his or her participation in Emmaus.

*     Invite the participant to take part in Emmaus for the sake of a more vital relationship with Jesus Christ.  The sponsor shares his or her faith, explains the basic purpose, elements, and follow-up dimensions of the Walk.

*     Ask the participant to make a commitment by filling out an application form (down-load from site).  If the participant is married, the sponsor will speak with both partners and encourage an equal commitment by both spouses.  Men and Women make separate Walks.

*     Support the participant's Walk through prayers and otherwise.  The sponsor will also support the participant's family by house-sitting, baby-sitting, watering plants, picking up mail, feeding pets, or just checking in with a spouse to see if any help or support is needed.

*     Encourage the participant in his/her continued journey and take the participant to Emmaus "Gatherings" after the Walk weekend is over.

*     Help the participant re-enter his or her church and consider ways to act out new commitment and enthusiasm.

*     Help the participant sponsor others.




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