The Group Reunion is a way to continue to share and support one another in our walk with God.  Group Reunions are spiritual support groups for any Christian who is a pilgrim on the journey of faith and who wants to live a life of accountable discipleship.  The purpose of the group is to share faith and live Christ.  The Group Reunion isn't something new--it represents a recovery and restoration of a small group dynamic for deepening discipleship in the church.  This is one of Emmaus' greatest gifts to the church today.   

     A Group Reunion is typically, but not always, made up of two to six people who are committed to meeting once a week or whenever, at a certain time and place for about an hour to support one another in growing toward the Christian ideal of a grace filled life.  It may consist of persons you met during your weekend, your sponsor, or other Pilgrims you know.  It may even include persons who have not made a Walk to Emmaus.

     The Group Reunion itself is one of the chief values of the Emmaus Movement, one of the greatest treasures the Walk to Emmaus contains.  It is a way to meet with fellow Christians and to share how Christ is working in your life.  It is a way of persevering in the life of grace so that those things that are valuable to you during the weekend will no be lost when you return to your life in the world.  It is a way to share, support and pray for each other.